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Most Blue Diamond NV fencing companies are aware of the well earned tradition of pride in their own western fashion. Nestled just outside Red Rock, this lifestyle is evident from the old west ghost town at Bonnie Springs to summer theater at Springs Mountain to the little city’s houses, organization, and notably its fences.

A1 Fence and Gate Repair understands this pride and strives to supply top quality fences which blend in with Blue Diamond’s  old west style.

Wood Fences versus Vinyl and Composite Fences

In addition to wood fencing, with its throw back appeal and superior privacy, Blue Diamond NV fencing customers may also opt for long-lasting, durable vinyl and composite fencing which has the exact same appearance as wood and requires much less maintenance.

Conventional timber fences bring a countryside appeal to any house and blend nicely with the general décor of Blue Diamond. Vinyl and composite fencing can take the look of timber and add many additional advantages, including:

  • Wood fences need continuous painting and upkeep. Vinyl fencing demands little more than the occasional cleaning.
  • Without proper maintenance, wood fences crack and dry fast from the unrelenting heat of Nevada summers.
  • If set up properly, vinyl fencing may actually be more durable than wood.
  • A timber fencing is going to need to be totally replaced in 10-12 years. Vinyl may keep looking great for a much longer time.

To top it off, A1 Fence and Gate Repair has certain lines of fencing with a limited lifetime warranty. You can rest easy knowing your fence, regardless of the size, will not need to be replaced. And if for any reason it will, you can trust that A1 Fence and Gate Repair will have you covered.

Call Eli at A1 Fence and Gate Repair for further details and a free quote on any Blue Diamond project.

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Image of Blue Diamond NV courtesy Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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