Wood Fencing

Strong Fences Make Great Neighbors

wood fence installation

It’s a funny clich√© but it’s true. I’m sure you know quite a few homeowners who find that they no matter how much they like their neighbors, they like them just a little more after having a fence built.

And as long as you’re considering adding a little neighborly separation, why not take a look at using wood for your next fencing project?

It’s an incredibly versatile material that gives you a ton of different looks to choose from. We’re not just talking colors of paint or stains. We’re talking various styles including board, privacy, picket, post, split rail and more.

Each type of wood fence is has specific strengths and uses. Regardless of which type is best for your application, some benefits are common to all wood fencing.


Installation costs for wood fencing are lower than with other fencing materials due to the lower prices of the material. Repairs tend to be less expensive as well due to the modular nature of wood fences. If a part or portion of the fence needs to be replaced, there’s no need to replace an entire section of fencing. You simply replace the broken plank or defective wood post and install a new one. Which brings us to convenience. The different pieces and parts for wood fence repairs can be easily purchased at nearby stores.


Wood fencing is quite easy to install and takes much less time to be completed. In case of a problem with the installation, the rectification takes less time. By having professionals installed the wooden fence for you; the process can be completed within a single day.


Most of the wooden fences, such as spruce and cedar, are quite durable. With proper maintenance and a little common sense, they can last for more than 30 years. You can use pressure treated woods to keep the termites away. Many people also use sealants to offer a higher level of protection.

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The cost of maintaining a wooden fence is much less compared to other types of fences. If any part of a wood fence gets damaged, it can be easily repaired. The cost and the time required to fix the wooden fences is half of what other fences would need.


Wood has been used for many decades and offers a traditional and natural look. It can be easily customized depending on the need of the homeowner. A wood fence can be painted in many different colors to add a spark of new life once every few years. Also, adding a wooden fence to your home can help increase its value at a very reasonable cost.


Having wooden fencing allow people to keep their home away from the unwanted glances of their neighbors and passersby. It also helps prevent wandering animals or intruders from entering the property. By installing the wooden planks together, one can easily keep their pets and kids contained in a safe place. You also have better privacy for your yard where you can entertain your friends and families in peace.


Since wood is taken from trees that can be easily grown, it is an environmentally friendly option. It can also be disposed much easily and quickly than other types of fences such as wrought iron fences.

Want a closer relationship with your neighbors? Start by installing a little separation. When you want a little separation that also durable and easy to maintain, wood fencing should be among your top choices.

All wood fences aren’t ideal for all applications. When choosing a fencing contractor for your next project, be sure to talk with one that won’t try to sell you more fence than you need or over charge you for a simple repair. Eli and Justin are first and second generation fence contractors. Their family owned fencing company is founded on putting you first. Give them a call at (702) 564-0764 and get started liking your neighbors a little bit more.