Experts in High Security Fencing

With each passing day, keeping your facilities and operations secure becomes more of a challenge. It is crucial that you partner with companies with sufficient experience and expertise to install any protection systems including high security fencing.

Working with experienced professionals ensures that the requirements you have for the security fence are met and your overall security goal is achieved.

Superior Facility Protection

If intruder deterrence is your primary goal, you need the right products and a company that brings exceptional workmanship to each project.

We have been involved with security fencing systems for over 30 years. We very much understand this requirement and what's at stake for you and your business.

Quality Products for a Superior High Security Solution

Quality security requires high-quality products. We have assembled a team of experts that carefully select the best quality products from some of the industry's top manufacturers. These products are selected to exceed the requirements your project demands.

We understand how much you need your facility and your operation to remain safe and secure. When you Hire the Company that Gets the Job Done, we deliver that exact result.

Rapid Security Fence Installation

At A1 Fence, we understand the need for your business to continue operating uninterrupted! As such, we're proud we install high security fencing solutions quickly and without compromising quality. Our process is designed to fit with your routine operation without interference or disruption.

When You're Ready to Reduce Your Risk and Embrace High Security Fencing

For proven safety and security, contact us to have a high security system installed on your property. Call us or fill out the easy consultation request. We’ll be happy to quickly respond to your request and consult with you on commercial chain link fencing or other security systems for your property.

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