Keeping Your Chain Link Fence Installation Costs Under Control

Chain link is perfect for school yards in Summerlin, dog runs in Henderson or just keeping the critters off the streets in Pahrump.

But before you grab your wallet and make a mad dash for your nearest fencing contractor, let's take look at what's going to affect how much that new chain link fence is going to cost.

LINEAR FEET - This is probably the most obvious factor. If you need to surround an entire [more..]

HEIGHT - Does your property need a 6 foot or a 10 foot fence? After linear feet, height is  [more..]

GATES - One overlooked cost in most fencing projects are the number and types of [more..]

Costs Common in All Chain Link Fence Installation and Repairs

Property owners in the Las Vegas area are spoiled for choice when it comes to installing chain link fencing around their home or business.

However, whether you're considering a DIY project or hiring a fencing contractor, the same set of factors will affect your ability to manage Las Vegas fence costs:

The Length of Your Chain Link Fence Installation

Fence lines are measured in linear feet. If this new or replacement fence you’re planning is going to surround an entire yard or business property, you can get a good idea of how much fencing you’ll need by simply measuring the property lines. Just make sure to stay inside your property lines when you measure. You can’t install a fence outside your property. Measuring outside your property line will give you a false starting number in your calculations.

Fence installations can also be affected by where you are in the Valley. The Las Vegas Metro is pretty wide. It’s not hard to imagine that local fencing codes may vary a bit. What is perfectly fine in Pahrump, may not be allowed in Boulder City.

Eli Maciel of A1 Fence & Gate Repair works with property owners to help them select the chain link material that’s the best fit for the length and purpose of their fence.

Two examples of A1 Fence & Gate Repair recommendations:

Galvanized chain-link fence. Galvanized steel is treated to be rust and corrosion-resistant, making it durable in all weather. This choice is commonly used in commercial spaces.

Powder-coated galvanized chain-link fence. Powder coating adds a more polished finish that is commonly used in residential installations.

The Total Height of Your Chain Link Fence Installation

las vegas chain link fence installation costs

The height of the Las Vegas fence affects the total project cost.  A typical chain link fence can be anywhere from 4 to 10 feet high. As mentioned previously, it's important to check with local building to ensure you stay within any published guidelines.

Also, if your community has a Home Owners Association, you must also make your fence installation meets their requirements as well. This can limit not only height, but fence placement as well. Some jurisdictions limit front yard fences to no more that 4 feet high, while others may prohibit front yard fencing all together.

According to Eli of A1 Fence & Gate Repair, it is not uncommon for someone to have a modest 4-foot fence in the front yard and an 8-foot privacy fence in the backyard. This height variance across the property will affect the average cost per linear foot of a fence installation.

Gates Requirements for Your Installation

The addition of gates to a project can have a significant impact on the total overall cost. Gates have both a higher labor cost and a higher material cost than standard chain-link stretched between posts. They can also require specialty posts that have more strength or casters and motorized systems for rolling gates.

Another factor that can impact the overall cost of adding a gate is location flexibility. Pad configuration generally dictates the location of walk-in and vehicle gates on commercial property. In these cases costs may be impacted if the ground in those designated areas are particularly rocky or hard to work.

Homeowners on the other hand may have the flexibility to adjust the location a few feet to the left or right to avoid difficult terrain if they are installing a simple swing gate in their fence line.

DIY and Contractor Chain Link Fence Installation Costs

According to Eli Maciel, chain link is relatively simple to install. If the fence is under 150 linear feet, it can usually be installed in one day.

One way to estimate time is to add one day of labor for each additional 100 linear feet of fence after the first 150 feet. Most fence installation pros dig post holes one foot deep into the earth for the chain-link posts, they fill that post hole with concrete, then pound the post into the (still wet) concrete with a special tool to provide the strength and rigidity that pole needs to hold the chain link taut between posts.

Labor charges can increase if there is an excess of foliage, debris or ground covering that must be cleared before the fence can be installed. Not all fencing companies provide removal services, so don’t assume they will handle it.

Whether you need a full or partial fence chain link fence installation Eli recommends that you do your due diligence when approaching your next project. Find out upfront whether or not a contractor provides landscape removal services.

A new fence installation is a long term investment. Asking the right questions up front will ensure years of satisfaction.

When you're ready to tackle your next fence installation project, call A1 Fence and Gate Repair at (702) 504-0765 for a comprehensive quote you can trust.

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