Inground Pool Fence Safety and Style

Installing safety fencing for inground pools is an A1 Fence specialty. Servicing the Las Vegas Valley from Pahrump to Henderson. When you need a pool fence installation or an upgrade to your current fence, then it's the perfect time to consider a style upgrade as well.

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Where There's a Pool...

There's a pool fence. Or at least there should be a pool fence. Installing safety fencing for inground pools is an A1 Fence specialty. If you need a pool fence installation or upgrade, then it's the perfect time to consider a style upgrade as well.

No matter where you live in the Valley, having a pool is pretty sweet. But there are a few things pool owners need to stay on top of that non-pool owners don't.

Pool owners have a vested interest in controlling who goes in, near or around their pools. If not well safeguarded, a typical homeowner may find that their pool has been overrun by all sorts of pests. Both the two and four legged kind.

Pool Fencing Doesn't Need to be Ugly

Inground swimming pool owners have many more pool safety fence options today than ever before. Gone are the days when swimming pool fences were all made of galvanized chain link. Also gone are the days when the only choice was four feet or six feet high.

A1 Fence offers pool safety fences in a wide variety of materials. We're pride ourselves on being a pool fence contractors that matches fencing material with the homeowner's priorities.

  • Strength – It may seem that any pool fence should be strong enough. Yet, homeowners with large dogs may see wrought iron pool fence cost as an investment in peace of mind.
  • Privacy – In Las Vegas and Henderson, space between homes is often at a premium. This lack of privacy can hamper a homeowner's ability to enjoy their pool. Here, wood pool fencing pushes to the front of the line. Wood pool fences provide privacy for a comfortable and secluded swimming space.
  • Style – There is absolutely no reason to sacrifice style for safety. There are a wide range of materials available today. Couple that with today's fencing contractors and a pool safety fence can actually be a stylish focal point. Companies such as US Glass Fence, are a great example. provide specialized glass pool fencing applications. They provide installations such as the Frameless Glass Pool Fence pictured below. Demonstrating that pool fencing can indeed look "stylish, elegant, sophisticated and sharp."
  • Accessibility – For many homeowners, removable pool safety fences provide the best combination of safety and accessibility. Dan Newbold of Poolsafe notes that removable mesh pool fences can be put up when needed, used with any pool style and area much better option than manual covers

With Pool Fences, Material Matters

Possibly more than with other fencing projects, materials matter with pool safety fences. With the right materials, you have a structure that not only provides peace of mind but is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Call A1 Fence and Gate Repair at (702) 504-0765 to match your specific style and privacy needs to the right pool fencing materials.

We always provide superior service at a fair price. Call for an accurate pool fence cost calculation today.

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